This is the place to find free printables, tutorials and other things I share from time to time.

Free printable tattoo-inspired Mother's Day card by Lellobird

Tattoo Mother’s Day Cards

A free printable Mother’s Day card inspired by traditional American tattoo designs

Grow California poppies printable by Lellobird

Grow California Poppies Print

This cute little 5×7″ print (two per US letter-size page, so you can keep one and mail one to a friend) features a stylized California poppy and a reminder to always keep growing. My poppies are also available in several sizes on fabric, wallpaper, face masks and home decor at Spoonflower and on face masks, […]

XO Ox Year of the Ox Valentines by Lellobird

Year of the Ox Valentines Cards

If you’re a very efficient sort, you can celebrate the Year of the Ox and Valentine’s Day all at once with these cute red and white printable Valentines inspired by Chinese papercut art. (Xo Ox is also available on fabric and wallpaper at Spoonflower.) Print them out on a sheet of letter-sized (8.5×11″) cardstock and […]

Autumn recipe card printable from Lellobird

Distanced Thanksgiving Ideas (with free recipe cards!)

Giving Thanks from Afar Normally my Thanksgiving post might be filled with tips to make your day less stressful (have a fun activity to keep kids busy! – omg, having them make butter is genius – just screw the lid on tight!) or ideas for thoughtful hostess gifts (tea towels, anyone?). But this year Thanksgiving, […]

Mark making in progress

Art Activity: Mark Making

Let your creativity flow by exploring mark making, using various tools to create lines, shapes and texture in your art. This activity is great for all ages, and can be adapted to family art night, roommate bonding, classroom lessons (when we can have those again!), summertime boredom busters, online projects with friends and more.

Funny laundry room printable by Lellobird

Laundry room poster

To make the laundry room a little more fun, I made up this printable sign with a phrase from the Underpants Gnomes I always think about when doing laundry.

Apart Together poster design by Lellobird

Apart Together Posters

When the COVID-19 news started to roll in from around the world, I originally set out to create a set of WPA-style informational posters about hand-washing and social distancing

Spring Robin Embroidery Pattern by Lellobird

Spring Robin Embroidery Pattern

My recent fabric design The Plum Thieves pays homage to the robins who come through our yard every spring and eat the plums off our tree. They’re not very good plums, mostly pit, so it’s a win-win – the birds get a meal, the plums get cleaned up and we get to enjoy a yard […]

January 2020 Calendar

Happy new year! Download a free 5×7-inch printable of my “Look Before You Leap” eyechart-themed January 2020 calendar to brighten up your desktop, fridge or bulletin board with a fun pop of color.

Pocket-size Christmas Garland printable from Lellobird

Pocket-size Christmas Garland

A few years ago we found ourselves celebrating Christmas on the road at a hotel, without a tree or our usual decorations. Plus, we had a four-year-old with us who needed to be entertained for an 8-hour flight to our destination. The solution? A portable, pocket-size Christmas garland that can be decorated and assembled on […]

Cemetery Scavenger Hunt printable by Lellobird

Cemetery Scavenger Hunt

The cemetery might not be the first place you think of for an outing with kids, but cemeteries can be a great way to explore art, nature and history, either checking out your local graveyard or visiting cemeteries big or small when you travel.

Ice Cream Coloring Garland printable by Lellobird

Ice Cream Coloring Garland

July is National Ice Cream Month here in the US (which seems to have a day or a month for pretty much everything, from donuts to bird-feeding – do other countries do that?). With or without the official proclamation, frozen treats and summer go hand-in-hand

Desktop wallpaper for organizing your files, a free download from Lellobird

Organized Chaos Desktop Wallpaper

I know the first rule of all the articles about cleaning up your computer is to get stuff off your desktop, but that’s just not how I think

Free Valentine's Day crayon printable from Lellobird

Valentine crayon hearts

If you have a preschooler or kindergartner in the house and need a fun, candy-free Valentine’s Day treat, I highly recommend making heart-shaped crayons.

Halloween Papel Picado fabric by Lellobird

Halloween Papel Picado

I made some Halloween-themed papercuts inspired by Mexican papel picado art, and I turned my favorites into printable patterns for you.

Know Your Famous Groundhogs trading cards by Lellobird

Groundhog Trading Cards

My Know Your Famous Groundhogs fabric has proven to be a surprise best-seller – who knew there were so many groundhog aficionados out there? I’d love to know what you’re all making – I’m picturing a Ms. Frizzle-style dress covered in groundhog portraits, or maybe a semi-educational quilt.

Printable Pi(e) Day bunting by Lellobird

Pi(e) Day Bunting

Every year around March 14 (because 3/14 is like 3.14, in case you haven’t heard of this phenomenon), we host a Pi(e) Day party, where we celebrate pie, pi and Einstein’s birthday, although really it’s just an excuse to eat pie.

Outlander-inspired printable bunting by Lellobird

Outlander-inspired Bunting

Planning a shindig to welcome back the Starz series Outlander this week? Here’s a free bunting you can download and print to help with the festivities.

Free printable labels for sugar scrubs, by Lellobird

Sugar scrub labels freebie

Printable labels made for a take-home gift at a fundraiser.

Free Christmas gift tags printable from Lellobird

Christmas Gift Tags

Print these tags on a sheet of 8.5×11″ card stock for quick, fun gift labels. (click on the image to download the PDF) Free for personal, non-commercial use.