In the wild: Otter blanket

Weighted blanket by Weighted Works with Significant Otters fabric

As you know if you read my posts or follow me on Instagram, I love to see what people make from my designs! Melinda of Weighted Works recently sent me a photo of a weighted blanket made with my Significant Otters fabric on the front and minky on the back – just looking at it makes me want to crawl under it and take a nap!

According to Weighted Works, weighted blankets can help users feel more calm and relaxed, and can help manage the symptoms of insomnia, restless leg syndrome, autism, PTSD, nervous system disorders and anxiety.

Oddly enough, I actually noticed this effect the other day at the dentist’s office, when they put the lead apron on me for some x-rays – it felt so nice I got a little sleepy, which is saying a lot given how much I hate going to the dentist. Maybe I should have asked if I could wear it for the whole visit…

In the wild: Tiny rhino cuteness

Baby shoes made from Lellobird fabric by Casey Dumadag

Casey Dumadag (@littlecaycam on Instagram) shared a photo the other day of the adorable baby shoes she made from my Rhinoce-Roses Tiny fabric. Casey had asked me to scale down my original Rhinoce-Roses fabric to baby-size for this project, and it worked out beautifully.

Both fabrics are available at Spoonflower, and at least 10% of proceeds from sales of these two fabrics goes to the International Rhino Foundation, a nonprofit which works to help save the world’s rhinos through conservation and research. And speaking of babies, IRF is currently fundraising to support the birth of a new Sumatran Rhino calf at their sanctuary in Indonesia – you can read all about it on their blog and even host your own “baby shower” for Ratu the mama rhino.

Rhinoce-Roses Tiny fabric by LellobirdRhinoce-Roses Tiny fabric by Lellobird