Valentine crayon hearts

Free Valentine's Day crayon printable from Lellobird

If you have a preschooler or kindergartner in the house and need a fun, candy-free Valentine’s Day treat, I highly recommend making heart-shaped crayons. We had so much fun sorting through all our broken crayons (it’s a great upcycling project, too) and making up color combinations.

We used the instructions from Make and Takes to make our crayons, and then used a glue dot (a dab of hot glue would probably also work – something to hold them on long enough to hand out, but easy enough to pry off when you’re ready to color) to stick them to printed cards that said “Have a colorful Valentine’s Day!”

You can download a PDF with four cards per page here. These cards are free for your personal, non-commercial use. If you have a corner-rounding punch, that’s a nice touch but totally not necessary (especially if, say, it’s the night before Valentine’s Day and you have 25 kids in your class!).

Tip: We used a heart-shaped silicone baking pan, which made it really easy to get the crayons out, but if you go that route you might want to dedicate a pan just to this project since ours got a little messy, even after washing.

Crazy crayon hearts for Valentine's Day

Crazy crayon hearts for Valentine's Day