Spring Robin Embroidery Pattern

Spring Robin Embroidery Pattern by Lellobird

My recent fabric design The Plum Thieves pays homage to the robins who come through our yard every spring and eat the plums off our tree. They’re not very good plums, mostly pit, so it’s a win-win – the birds get a meal, the plums get cleaned up and we get to enjoy a yard full of swirling robins.

I turned one of the robins from my design into this free Spring Robin embroidery pattern for you. This was such a spur-of-the-moment idea that I haven’t stitched up a version yet to show you, but follow along on Instagram and I’ll post my progress.

Image Transfers
I usually use carbon paper and a good old ballpoint pen to transfer patterns to fabric – they make special dressmaker’s carbon that washes out, but I’m lazy and use regular old typing carbon because I have it on hand.

Did you know you can transfer a laser-printed image to fabric using essential oils (I used this method for my castor bean plant embroidery and -bonus- it smells really nice!). Here’s an Instructable that tells you how.

More transfer tips (including the proper way carbon paper to use) here from Peacock & Fig.

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Spring Robin Embroidery Pattern

Stitch up a sweet spring robin on a flowering branch with this free pattern!

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