Pi(e) Day Bunting

Printable Pi(e) Day bunting by Lellobird

Every year around March 14 (because 3/14 is like 3.14, in case you haven’t heard of this phenomenon), we host a Pi(e) Day party, where we celebrate pie, pi and Einstein’s birthday, although really it’s just an excuse to eat pie.

I made this printable bunting with quotes about pie and the digits of pi for last year’s event. You can cut it out, fold over the tabs and hang it on a piece of yarn or baker’s twine. If you want to be really fancy, you can cut a pie crust shape out of kraft paper (or plain old paper grocery bags, if anyone still has those around – paper bags are like gold around here since we switched to re-usable bags) and glue the printable on to that, like I did in the photo.

{ Pi(e) Day printable bunting }

If you need some party inspiration, I put together a Pinterest board with pie fabrics, recipes, a pi scavenger hunt and other ideas.

Happy Pi(e) Day!