Ice Cream Coloring Garland

Ice Cream Coloring Garland printable by Lellobird

July is National Ice Cream Month here in the US (which seems to have a day or a month for pretty much everything, from donuts to bird-feeding – do other countries do that?).

With or without the official proclamation, frozen treats and summer go hand-in-hand, and you know I love a good garland, so I made up a printable garland based on my Summer Treats fabric you can download and decorate to celebrate summer or an ice cream-themed birthday party.

You can get all kinds of creative with this basic template – try adding sprinkles (real food ones or pieces of confetti or punched circles) or glitter; collage on colored papers; even glue them to real popsicle sticks for an authentic touch and/or extra stability, depending on how you’re using them.

You could turn the decorating into a fun family project, a bit of grown-up coloring time or a way to keep the kids busy over the summer while you get something done!

You could even write party details on the back and turn them into invitations to a birthday party or ice cream social.

As always, this file is free for your personal, non-commercial use and cannot be included in any sort of bundle. If you make something fun with it, feel free to tag me (@lellobird on Instagram) or link back here. Happy crafting!

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Ice Cream Coloring Garland