Halloween Papel Picado

Papel picado design by Lellobird

I made some Halloween-themed papercuts inspired by Mexican papel picado art, and I turned my favorites into printable patterns for you. – you can download them as a PDF here. The designs include a cat, a bat, a raven, a pumpkin, a ghost, a skull, a marigold and a spider. Like all my Goodies, it’s free for personal, non-commercial use. Or use these designs as inspiration to create some of your own – it’s kind of addictive!

Papel picado design by Lellobird Papel picado design by Lellobird

A few tips:

  • To trace the design onto paper, try holding it up on a window to create a make-shift lightbox. Sometimes I go really old-school and do a pencil transfer.
  • Urban Threads has lots of ideas for ways to transfer an image onto fabric. I like transfer paper because it comes in light and dark options and is fairly low-tech.
  • To start a small cut area on paper, it helps to poke through the paper with a skewer to give your scissors a starting place (see photo).
  • Sometimes an X-Acto knife works better than scissors in tight spaces – just be sure to put something under your paper to protect your work surface.
  • If you’re making your own design, try tracing around a cork, coin or other item to make standardized shapes like a scalloped border.
  • If you wanted to get fancy, you could cut out these designs with a cutting machine, or carve them into linoleum blocks, or come up with your own great idea!

I also made a fabric from my papel picado designs, available as part of my Fruitvale collection. It would be perfect for a Halloween table runner or a trick-or-treat bag.

Halloween Papel Picado fabric by Lellobird