Groundhog Trading Cards

Know Your Famous Groundhogs trading cards by Lellobird

My Know Your Famous Groundhogs fabric has proven to be a surprise best-seller – who knew there were so many groundhog aficionados out there? I’d love to know what you’re all making – I’m picturing a Ms. Frizzle-style dress covered in groundhog portraits, or maybe a semi-educational quilt.

To have a little fun, I made trading cards from the portraits on the fabric, complete with the groundhogs’ full names, hometowns and fascinating facts on the back. Did you know that Staten Island Chuck has a solar-powered house, or that General Beauregard Lee holds honorary degrees from both The University of Georgia and Georgia State? You do now!

If you’d like your own set of trading cards (collect them all!), get the printable here:
{ Know Your Famous Groundhogs Trading Cards }

Just print it double-sided on cardstock (using the “flip along short side” option if your printer has it), cut them out and viola!

Special thanks to the Provo, UT Herald Extra for this helpful article, and to the Long Island Herald for “The Charming History of Malverne Mel.”

If I’ve left off your own favorite whistlepig, from Fred la Marmotte to French Creek Freddie, I apologize — drop me a line and maybe I’ll add him or her to a future collection.

These cards are free for your personal, non-commercial use. Enjoy!