I’m a graphic designer and crafter inspired by the natural world, urban environments, and the interface between the two. I’m insanely curious, probably don’t sleep enough, and like to make pretty things.

After ten years in high-tech marketing I branched out on my own, and since then I’ve been doing freelance design and marketing for small businesses, start-ups, non-profits, musicians and sports organizations. My background combines marketing, journalism, web and print design and a fair amount of entrepreneurship, so I get where you’re coming from and what you need. I’m good at seeing the big picture while keeping an eye on the details.

I also design fabric, cards, tee shirts, posters and other materials available through websites like Spoonflower, Zazzle and Woot.

But enough about me. If you have a project in mind, get in touch at hello@lellobird.com.